To our employees

Team motivation and well-being

For over 80 years, the company has chosen to remain a family business (we are a team of 6 people) to maintain a nearby management.

The balance between work and private life is one of our basic policy principles. We strive to adapt the working time for them.

We also seek to offer optimum working conditions and relevant benefits for everyone with a concern for equity.

Our employees are central in the strategic decisions process and their well-implementation as we wish to maintain a team spirit.

We have chosen to enhance their skils through profit-sharing of the made by the company. It is a performance considered as collective.

Ensure health for everyone

The operators are on the front line regarding exposure to hazardous products. It is therefore important to ensure their protection.

In addition to PPE (personal protective equipment), the repairing workshop is equipped with captor hoods with automatic detection of presence.


Emergency devices are easily accessible (eye wash, safety shower, fire blanket, absorbent sand, fire extinguishers).

We have decided not to carry out repackaging operations of products called CMR (substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic and/or toxic for reproduction) and we encourage the substitution of these products.