The stage of our commitment

rse22008-2010: Collective action of the flavor and perfume sector of Grasse

This is the first action in which we have participated.

It aimed to mainstream CSR in SMEs of the flavor and perfume sector participating in the operation and to develop CRS fundamental commitments.

It is from there that we wanted to begin to formalize a long-term commitment to sustainable development


2011-2013: The collective operation «Performance Globale 06 »


We participated in the collective operation « Performance Globale 06 » which aim to help SMEs and SMBs from Alpes Maritimes to rebuild the business model including the principles of the sustainable development: economic performance, social progress and environmental commitment applying the principles of ISO 26000

During this operation we also did a balance of greenhouse gases emissions. (BEGES).

Since 2013: Service economy


Today we aim at experimenting the service economy.

This new business model focuses on the use rather than the product. Thus, the value of a product depends on the benefits it can bring to the consumer. This approach involves a new way to produce and redesign the company. It is based on the principles of collaboration, respect for the environment and sustainable development.

The challenge is to drive customers with us in this adventure.


Since 2015: Involvement in the “Parcours performant et responsable



« The efficient and accountable process is a public partnership support mechanism of SMEs and SMBs at CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.»

Since 2015: Signing of the United Nations Global Compact
« The United Nations Global Compact brings together companies, organizations, agencies of the United Nations, the working world and civil society around ten universally accepted principles well-known to build more stable and inclusive societies. »

We decided to join the Global Compact and officially support its 10 fundamental principles. (for further information)


Raise awareness among our CSR partners

We started our aware-raising and communication policy towards our stakeholders by:

  • A presentation of our approach and voluntary assessment of our company.
  • A recipient CSR self-assessment survey.

This survey has been sent to our suppliers, service providers and customers. The well reception allowed us to take the first steps of our approach in the flavor and perfume sector.