Our history

1930: Jean Courrin, grandfather of the current CEO, founded the company by launching a brokerage business related to materials for perfumery (glassware, bottling …).

1949: The Company changed its legal status (Jean COURRIN & Cie SARL.) to market in France goods suppliers and to develop the import of oil essentials, citrus fruits and chemicals.

1965: The import of essential oils, citrus fruits and chemicals became the main business activity.

1968: André Courrin took over from his father and continued the same approach with his wife Madelaine.

1975: Installation of the first warehouse in Grasse

1980: The Company changed its legal status again in order to develop the distribution activity of aromatic raw materials.

1981: Surface and volume expansion of warehouses

1982-1983: Development of new offices

1991: The warehouse is transferred to Plan de Grasse to better answer to our growing sales demand and to facilitate access to heavy trucks and container ships.

1999: Olivier Courrin became head of the company after his father.

2003: Marie Claire Courrin joined his brother as Executive Director.

2012: The company formalized its commitment to CSR (via the implementation of ISO 26000) and moved towards certification of its approach.

2013: Courrin Jean & fils received the VSE Award from the CSR 06 trophies and from the PACA region.

2014: The company won the Special Jury Award Etienne Marcel in the presence of Edith Cresson.

2015: Winner of the TPE and start-ups prices from Responsible Companies Trophies of Axa-L’Expansion “Trophées des Entreprises Responsables Axa-L’Expansion” in the presence of Erik Orsenna.

Prix_Etienne_Marcel Prix_Trophes_des_entreprise_responsable rse