To our customers

Insure the quality of our products and services


Since its creation and due to the common will of the successive leaders, our company has developed a dynamic quality policy. (for further information)

We have implemented a system of quality management that we are improving continuously to meet:

  • The expectations of stakeholders and especially of our customers.
  • The regulatory requirements.
  • Social and environmental requirements.
  • Our own demands.

By means of a computer tool adapted to our activity, we control the upstream and downstream traceability of our products as well as their shelf life.

In addition to the expertise of the manufacturers we carry out a regulatory surveillance with the support of Prodarom (National Professional Union of Manufacturers of Aromatic Products)

We are regularly audited by our stakeholders (customers and suppliers for the purposes of their own certification).

Our employees are trained in the best BPHSST practices to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Our storage site is free of GMOs, allergens and contaminants (heavy metals). Cleanup plan and pest controls guarantee healthy workshops.

The organization, the technical and material resources as well as a high-performance computer system that we put in place allow us to focus on what really matters: the needs of our customers and the quality of our answers.

Our suppliers, a guarantee of quality and regulatory compliance.

All the products that we deliver have a technical specification and are the subject of quality checks by manufacturers.

The suppliers we represent, acknowledged and key stakeholders in flavor and perfume sector, are certified according to international benchmarks (IFS/BRC/ISO).

The implementation of good manufacturing practices, the deployment of a HACCP-type approach and the allergenic risk management are a guarantee of quality and safety for consumers.

Suppliers commit to our objectives so that our raw materials comply with the industry regulations (REACH, 1334/2008/EC, EU no. 872/2012 etc.)